What can PerSense do?
PerSense is a versatile tool for financial analysis, with separate screens for 3 types of functions:

Loan Amortizations
  • Simple, monthly loans
  • Complex, structued loans, combining options according to your spec
    • Multiple balloon payments
    • Delayed principal repayment
    • Skipped payments, regular or
    • ARMS and Variable rates
    • Combinations of monthly, quarterly, weekly and bi-weekly payments
  • APR calculation for loans with arbitrary structure
  • Calculate the payment given the interest rate, or vice versa
Present Values
  • Analyze annuities, structured legal settlements, or any structured payout
  • Value legal claims for damages
  • Financial planning: retirement
  • Investment analysis and IRR
  • Comparison of business options:  which deal is best?
  • Tax interest.  Valuation with an interest rate that changes over time.
Loan Comparison
  • Compare loans of different duration and different interest rate
  • Evaluate the tradeoff between low interest rate and low APR
  • Fixed interest or ARM

Computations implemented in DOS version, but not yet in Windows
  • Combining life expectancy and present values to value annuities and life insurance products
  • Actuarial present values and IRRs
  • Arbitrary loan screen, where you specify each payment individually