"If software pricing is based on usefulness, this program is drastically underpriced. If you need to figure out payment schedules, loan amortizations, depreciation - just about anything that varies with percentage over a period of time, this software will lay it all out for you, along with every conceivable option...Overall, I give PerSense a hefty A-Plus on all counts. It's an exceptionally easy-to-use and very effective program."

- Walter Salm, syndicated column

"It certainly makes financial calculations easy. It almost makes them fun."

- L. R. Shannon, New York Times

"Problems involving the time value of money are often the hardest to calculate. PerSense, a sleek $99.95 program, handles these numbers with a mix of comprehensiveness and simplicity that should please both the professionals and home users."

- PC Resource

"Persense's Present Value screen lets you input the amounts and payment dates of lump sum payments, annuity payments increased by a constant growth factor, and an assumed rate... PerSense is a clear winner."

-Barry D. Bayer, Benjamin H. Cohen & Mark J. Welch syndicated column, Law Ofice Technology Review